The cookery



A new

gourmet breath

David Bottreau told the kitchen Julia SEDEFJIAN , formerly second restaurant , went head today.
Together they reflected on a new kitchen , which is the new life given to the restaurant : a tinted gourmet cuisine in a bistro generosity. They dust off the gourmet kitchen , and make accessible star, with only watchword quality and creativity.

The kitchen retains its identity by selecting marine classics of the marine world , but also delicious and unknown products to the general public . The noble products such as sole , lobster , caviar are offered in this suggestion, according to arrivals. Seasonal products are showcased , guaranteeing freshness preserved , and starred cuisine is reflected in specific executions, controlled , in order to rediscover and exhaling in the flavors.


Plat-LaCuisine2    Plat-LaCuisine



Our head chef


The cook of Julia is now heavily loaded with fish sometimes forgotten or little known in French gastronomy: raw and baked haddock adorns a crisp egg yolk and crispy leeks vinaigrette of algae – for a fresh and creamy entry but also on anchovies prepared handcrafted by a French factory Collioure or even the skate wing, sautéed spinach with capers, celery citrus emulsion, tonic accents.

Nice young chef of origin, it is refocusing on some dishes echoing his region, cleverly twisted or adding some Provencal touches with more traditional dishes: salad nicoise his apprenticeship, eggplant caviar Marennes with oyster jelly and kiwi tartare and caviar lemon aioli place vegetables and frozen season, roasted wild sea bream and fennel mousseline horseradish, aniseed flavors, but also for carnivores, beef cheeks braised cabbage pak choi, panisse in rosemary and pepper to paradise…

Agreements that awaken iodine kitchen, sweeping classical without being too conventional: it is a subtle balance between wealth products and sunny flavors Julia.